Where Seabird has been

Her Journey With Us

We bought the boat in Annapolis, MD and, along with the owner, sailed her to Reedville, VA. After a month back in Atlanta, we motored on to Hague Marina in Myrtle Beach, SC for a year of packing and house-selling. Then, in mid-November 04, we started south again. Finally, in January 05, after groundings, engine failures, and the loss of a good crew member, we made it to Old Port Cove.


We left Florida on April 13, 2005 for our first foreign anchorage in the little banks. The next day, we had our first landfall at Great Sale Cay. After that were stops at Fox Town, Green Turtle Key, Baker Bay, Marsh Harbor, Snake Cay, Lynyard Cay, and Cherokee (all in the Abacos). After a second long ocean passage, we stopped at Royal Island, Spanish Wells, Current Cut, Alabaster Sound, then Governors Harbor, the limit of our trip.


Next, it was back to Florida with only a stop in Bimini. Finally, (in yellow) we went offshore for five days back to Georgetown, SC.


Now we are again going south.




Before Our Time

Seabird began life when a set of plans was purchased from her designer, Tom Colvin, in 1977. In 1983 she joined the ranks of functioning vessels by obtaining her U. S. Coastguard documentation papers. Between was her construction by a private individual in San Diego, CA.


She made her first long sea journey by sailing to Hawaii where she was sold. Her second owner took her to east coast via the Panama Canal.


Bernie Harberts found her on Lake Norman in North Carolina. He bought her, outfitted her, trucked her to the ocean, and set off for a five-year trip around the world in her. The result was a epic he relates in his most excellent site, including details of the boat and his experiences. I recommend you visit it.