Welcome to the site of the Sailing Vessel SEABIRD


February 2:At Anchor, Titusville, FL.



Work is done, the boat is again at sea.


It has been a long break.We worked, we saved, we repaired.


Seabird had some creature comfort issues that needed to be addressed.The poor girl was also sick, a gnawing pain deep in her core.We had to address both issues before we could go to sea again.


For comfort, we needed a new heater, more solar panels, new cushions, and an upgraded dingy.For her survival, though, she needed major surgery.Her stern tube had to be replaced.


Sometime in the past, her aft starboard engine mount broke. The port one apparently had never been connected as it didnít fit, so the rear of the engine was supported by the drive shaft.As it turned against the bottom of the stern tube, it chewed itís way through the hull.Not exactly a knife through butter, more like a dull dentistís drill, but the results were the same:A big hole through the bottom of the stern tube.Being new boat owners, we didnítknow the poor girl was in pain until we woke up one morning with water creeping over the floor boards.


Tape, clamps, and lots of pumping got us back to Georgetown, SC.Before we went any further, though, we had to cut open Seabird.


Why do we own a steel hull?The work was major, but it still only took six man-days.Cut-Cut, weld-weld, grind-grind, and them some bottom paint.Done.With fiberglass or wood it would have been a month or more.


So now we are going south to run from the winter storms and the Georgetown tax laws.Luperon harbor in the Dominican Republic is our next target.Wish us luck!