How to contact us

This is a tough one.

Communications with a wandering boat are tough.  The best technique will change depending on where we are.  The box at the right shows what method is best right now.  I will try to keep it updated.


E-mails work well if we have a place to log in, but that is often not available.  Should you wish to try, use  However, be aware that we might not be able to log on for months at a time.


In an emergency or if none of the above work, try our mail forwarder.  We keep him informed of the best way to contact us and so he might be able to get to us when all else fails.  Contact ICA at 770-502-8265 and ask for Tim or Kim Bish.


Good luck.  Maybe someday we will have direct satellite communications with the boat, but, for right now, this is the best I can offer.


As of February 2, 2008:

Right now, e-mails are the best as I log on often.