About the boat

What she is now

Seabird is a 34’steel sloop, 40’ if you include the bowsprit.  She was originally a gaff ketch but is now a cutter. With a weight of 7 tons, she needs only 3’9” of water to float and can be driven at 6 knots by a 27 hp diesel engine when the wind dies.  


On board we carry 6 weeks of food, 30 days of water, spares for everything, a good rowing dingy, and enough diesel fuel to motor 300 miles.  A solar panel supplies 20 - 50 Amp-hours a day for instruments, radios, and this computer.  Lighting and cooking and cabin heat are all supplied by kerosene. 


When under sail, she steers herself using the wind vane in back. At anchor, we have enough chain and rode to anchor in 200 feet of water, along with four anchors weighing from 44 to 75 lbs each. 


If you want to know more details, visit her designer's site.  Tom Colvin talks about her under the name of his design, Saugeen Witch.  What he doesn’t mention there is that over 300 this design have been built and are still sailing the world.